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State Cert. Roofing Contractor: LIC#CCC1332588
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Duralast Roofing & Construction

                              Pinellas: 727-584-8440     
Hillsborough / Sarasota: 813-419-0142

Multi Family

Metal Roof InstallationMetal Roof Installation
Expert Roofing Installation!

32 Years Experience In Multifamily Roofing.

Our staff has trained experience coordinating 50 to 60 buildings at a time. Professional planned rooftop deliveries. Safety on the ground or on the roof. Caution off areas while working, safety for in and out homeowners during hours of service. Consistant ground supervision while our roofers are working is our priotity Referrals per request.

Have Questions?

To inquire about roofing repair, roof replacement, or new roof installation, give us a call at (727) 584-8400 today if you live in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota or a nearby community. 


Your Multi-Family Roof Must Be Durable

An apartment or a multi-family residential building should be a solid structure. If the roof is not functioning properly, your tenants will potentially experience a multitude of problems. The cost to repair all those problems adds up. A sound roof on a multifamily property keeps it safe and compliments its unique shape and style. 

DuraLast Roofing provides high-quality, affordable multi-family roofing solutions to ensure complete roof protection year-round.

Your Multi-Family Property Needs Weather Protection

Mother nature is not someone to take lightly. Your units need a shield to protect them against the multitude of risks associated with weather occurrences. Snow, rain, hail, and lightning are as dangerous for your multi-family building as they are for you. Our multi-family roofing service is here to back up your investment and provide you with the ultimate protection. You can count on the quality services from DuraLast Roofing to build your roof to last.

Our Commercial & Residential Service Areas

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