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Popular Questions

How Much Do Foam-Insulated Panels Cost?

Typically, buyers pay between $7 to $14 per square foot for foam-insulated panel materials only. (*Prices are subject to change due to inflation and availability.) However, installation labor can add $1 or more per sq foot. There is a tradeoff using this single all-in-one assembly compared to other assemblies, including outer panel, fiberglass insulation, and interior liner. The lower figure represents what you might expect to pay for a 2", approx. R-15 value insulation system, while the higher quote is closer to what you might pay for an 8", R-48 insulation system.

What Is the Best Patio Cover Material?

Regarding strength and durability, extruded aluminum is the best patio cover material on the market today. If you want to take your patio or deck to the next level while maximizing outdoor living potential, it's all about choosing the suitable roofing material.

An extruded aluminum patio cover provides superior, year-round protection because it doesn't warp, crack, or generate mold. Aluminum is ideal for properties along the coast or in humid climates where salt and moisture constantly threaten the integrity of other common building materials.

What Are the Different Types of Roof Tiles?

  • Clay Roof Tiles - the traditional "Spanish" style clay tiles are the most well-known and recognizable roof tiles.
  • Concrete Roof Tiles
  • Interlocking Roof Tiles
  • Large Format Roof Tiles
  • Low Pitch Roof Tiles
  • Pantiles
  • Plain Roof Tiles
  • Double Roman Style Roof Tiles

Pros, Cons, and Cost To Install

TPO flat roofs can be used for homes or businesses. Its material is known to be both practical and cost-effective. It's typically less expensive than EPDM and tends to last longer with less maintenance. Although many factors can influence the price of your roof, in most cases, you can expect to pay between $3.50 and $9.50 per square foot. Overall, TPO roofing costs typically range between $7,000 and $11,500. Factors that will affect the price of your roof include the choice of membrane, installation, and insulation, the size and condition of the roof, the access to the roof, and the type of warranty. Contact your local roofing company to schedule a TPO roof system estimate.

How Do Clay vs. Concrete Tiles Differ?

With our seasoned crew, meaning everyone knows their jobs and does them well. When we get to the job site, the workers who protect the home's landscaping get started immediately. Others who prepare the roof for tear-off start to do their job. Everyone knows what to do and when to do it from start to finish. We can get a job done in a single day with a good workflow.

What Is the Warranty for a DuraLast Tile Roof?